"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty 'yes' to your adventure." - Joseph Campbell

The world of work is changing. The traditional career and job-for-life model no longer sits with a modern desire to manifest our dreams into our work. And our work more holistically into our lives. Do Free Work is a platform that connects career-changers to young startups, to share skills, knowledge and create an arena within which to experiment bravely.Free work means helping a company you admire, solve a problem you care about, whilst learning new skills and building a portfolio of meaningful work.

Say yes to your adventure. Up-skill, experiment, connect and move deliberately towards a life of your choosing.

For startups.

Apply to join the Not Yet Funded Club; a group of pre-vetted early-stage founders and their businesses who need help getting their company moving. As a self-financed founder, you will gain access to a community of people willing and able to help.

For Career-Changers.

Get the exposure, support and experience you need in new areas that will help you on the path to a new career. Complete free work projects for startups, learn new skills and connect with like-minded business professionals.

For Skilled Professionals.

Whether you want to change career or just want exposure to a startup, we can help. If you have certain skills or interests that would benefit a younger company or early-stage entrepreneur, you can become one of our Advisors. Share your knowledge. 

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